Plan 598

The most affordable 4G postpaid Plan with speeds of up to 1mbps

Get unlimited Pure 4G internet with speeds of up to 1mbps* for only P598 a month!

Experience facebook loading right in your face. Send tweet nothings all day.

Product Features

  • Only and always pure 4G guaranteed!

    You will never be downgraded to slower 2G or 3G technologies

  • Unlimited Surfing and Browsing
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Minimum of 56kbps with 99% service reliability i covered areas

    (The highest in the industry)

Subscription Period Pure 4G Device
12 months 4G USB MODEM Fixed 4G Modem
Service Deposit P598 P598
Inital Cash Out P598 P598
  • All Rates are VAT-inclusive
  • Service Deposit is required upon application
  • Requirements: Photocopy of any 1 Valid ID and 1 Proof of Billing
  • Acknowledgement receipt will be issued by your authorized wi-tribe agent.

    Details of your initial payments will be refelected on your first Monthly Statement of Account (SOA)


Terms and Conditions